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IonoBrea IDRO for peyronie therapy

IonoBrea IDRO® represents an innovation for Peyronie's multimodal therapy. Small, comfortable, practical, discreet and easily transportable. 

The new device is a digital device, unique in its kind, with programs specifically designed for the multimodal treatment of Induratio Penis Plastica(IPP).

IonoBrea IDRO® generates particular waveforms that allow the transcutaneous transport of both complex molecules such as pentoxifylline (via hydrophoresis without gel) and ionized polar molecules such as verapamil (via iontophoresis).

IonoBrea IDRO® is an effective and valid alternative to the infiltrative therapy with pentoxifylline or verapamil, avoiding or reducing the invasive and painful action of periplacca penile injection.

IonoBrea IDRO® is equipped with a pair of patented electrodes that allow a simple and rapid positioning and at the same time an easy application of the drug over a length of 8 cm, to perform a loco-regional therapy at the level of the whole albuginea frock, (site of the inflammatory process of the disease) thus ensuring the vehiculation and absorption over the entire pathological area, the transport of the drug takes place at the interstitial level of the extra-cellular matrix without any systemic action, thus limiting the side effects of the drug. The tests carried out using pentoxifylline showed excellent and quicker therapeutic results demonstrated on US.

IonoBrea IDRO® allows you to perform the multimodal therapy of Peyronie's disease at home, following the treatment plans of the specialist doctor.

Band with electrodes and use


The electrodes of our IonoBrea IDRO® appliances have been specially made and patented on the basis of scientific studies that show how some characteristics of the disease can be treated only with electrodes that respond to a specific design such as the one we have made.

The structure of our electrodes is as in the picture attached and can be described as follows: rectangular electrode measuring 2.5 x 8 cm, seen from the side in contact with the skin; it is covered with a support called "fallow deer" able to absorb water and drugs. The electrodes of this form do not exist on the market and have been specially made in the dimensions of cm. 8 x 2.5, allowing a total “fit”, in order to maximize the treated surface, an optimal application of the drug, a vehiculation over a length of 8 cm, thus affecting all possible pathological areas, even if not appreciably noticeable.  

The positioning system of the electrodes is also innovative, which occurs by passing the male terminal of the same through the meshes of the elastic band, in the best position to allow the electrodes themselves to be opposite and not in contact. The fact that these are not sewn to the band (as in other appliances), also allows an easy detachment from the support for washing and sanitizing operations. To stabilize this positioning contributes the clip / connector that attaches to the male.


The case contains inside: the digital device, an elastic band *, two leather electrodes, a cable for ionophoresis (with verapamil), a hydrophoresis cable (with pentoxifylline), two buttons (red / black) connection,a flashlight, the instruction manual.

*you can customize the supplied elastic band (normal 14 cm) based on the size of the penis diameter. Ask for this opportunity during the purchase

IonoBrea IDRO® has a retail price (outside Italy) of € 650.00 plus the cost of shipping (€ 25,00)

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